Monday, 30 May 2011


The sun is baring down on a band of water panning to the small New Mexico shore town to reveal the humongous area filled with thousands upon thousands of visitors. The harbour is over flowing with boats and even more college kids splashing in the water. The heat is overwhelming. Visible like a mirage floating on the black top surfaces.
What’s usually a quiet town has transformed into any adolescent’s wet dream. It’s completely overrun by half naked sexy co-eds and it’s only just past noon.

A banner reading “WELCOME TO SPRING BREAK TORRANCE BAY ’11” hangs over the main street between two lamp posts.


Right outside of the town, even more cars are making their arrival, trying to get into the town. Lucky them, they’re all stuck in traffic. One car horn honks, setting off a chain reaction of responding, angry drivers. Horns fill the still air, drowning out even the pounding music of cars nearby. But it’s not getting them anywhere.

A single vehicle, a Lexus RX, catches our interest.


David Guetta plays in the background

Four college seniors are scattered inside the car, overwhelmed by the heat. Windows rolled down and both the radio and air conditioner cranked.

Brunette Male: (impatient) 'C’mon, C’mon!'

The driver is Eamonn Andrews. The “everybody’s friend” type, friendly and attractive. Never a dull moment with him around. He is a swimmer and can't wait to get into the warm water ahead.

A beautiful brunette sits in the passenger seat next to him: Aislin Lucas. She’s total beach babe, but don’t mistake her for a dummy. She holds her own head, and is very competitive and confident and is nobody's fool.

She shoots him a smile and then turns the radio down to a lower volume.

Aislin: 'Look at the bright side, this is all part of the experience.'

Brunette Boy: 'Really? Being stuck in traffic for over two hours is part of the experience?'

Aislin turns to face the answering voice of Daniel Grace. Athletic, funny and cocky, not to mention a little selfish. You know the type, unless your his friend you think he is a total dick.

Aislin: 'Yes. Bumper to bumper traffic is as big a part of spring break, just as drinking, swimming, unsanitary motels--'

(O.S.) 'And date rape.'

Scattered across the rear seats, infringing on Daniel’s space, is Linda Ellison. She’s a funny, feisty and flirty girl, and gorgeous too. Colorful and lively, we’ll soon learn she’s the life of the party.

Daniel and Aislin look at Linda. Inappropriate much?

Linda: (cont’d) 'What? 'You know it’s true.'

Aislin jokingly rolls her eyes and then turns to Eamonn.

Aislin: 'Eamonn, you’ve been a champ, want me to take over once we get to town?'

Eamonn: 'No, no, it’s cool, this is not much of a challenge. Thanks though.'

She smiles at him. Traffic begins to move slightly. The car rolls as Eamonn eases up off the brakes.

Linda turns around, gets out of her shirt and throws it towards the rest of the luggage. She’s now only wearing a short jean skirt and her bikini top. She leans over the back seat and rummages in an icy cool box, she pulls out a can of red bull and pops it open and drinks deep.

Daniel is sweating from the heat, trying to get all the cold air he can.

Daniel: 'So hot!'

Linda: 'Thank you!'

Daniel: 'The weather...'

Linda: 'Oh.'

Aislin can’t help but chuckle.

Aislin: 'Someone’s full of herself.'

Linda: 'Oh, shove it, Aislin'

Aislin cranes her head back, looking at Daniel and Linda. Linda smiles at Aislin and takes another drink.

Aislin: 'Okay party game, so, list of things we want to do when we arrive. One word. Eamonn, go!'

Eamonn: 'Swim.'

Daniel: 'Drink.'

Linda: 'Both.' (beat) 'Shit. Uh...'

Aislin: 'Linda!'

Linda: 'Don’t pressure me, bitch!' (thinks) 'Ooh, tan!'

Aislin: 'Volleyball.'

Eamonn: 'Barbecue.'

Daniel: 'Good one.' (thinks) 'Socialize.'

Linda: 'Fuck.'

Aislin: 'Ha, aren’t we classy?'

Daniel: 'What? We were all thinking it. I mean, what kind of a loser doesn’t have irresponsible, anonymous sex during spring break?'

Linda: 'Thank you! My point exactly. I think there’s something in the water or air that makes people horny man!'

Eamonn: 'Could it be the alcohol?'

Aislin: 'That.'

Eamonn: 'Hold onto your horses, guys. Looks like we’re not going anywhere.'

The car comes to a stop with squealing brakes.

Groans and boos all around. Linda takes charge and leans over Eamonn's shoulder and honks the horn! Another car honks back.



The lock in the door rolls over, the door slowly creeks open. A hand hits the light switch. What we see is a very spacious and luxurious houseboat. Everything you would need is there.

Dei Sanders enters. she’s got money and shows it with charm and sophistication. The bossy leader type but she backs it up with an intelligence. There’s definitely something about the girl that makes you want to stay on her good side.

Dei: 'Finally!'

She turns to a girl and guy behind her and signals. They follow Dei inside.

The girl is Selena Winstead, bouncy, social and even in a tank top and short shorts, she displays class. Selena is smart, loyal and sometimes a bit of a know-it-all.

The boy, Ryan Sykes is open and friendly looking, a sports freak. A gossip too, but in comparison to the others, he’s a little more drawn back. Dei takes off her shoes and goes further into the living room, seeing if the place has changed since her last visit.

Dei: 'Home sweet home...In a way.'

Ryan and Selena, especially, take it all in. Big HDTV, fancy paintings, big kitchen, a fully stocked bar!

Selena: 'Woah, this place is fucking amazing, Dei.'

Dei sits down by the kitchen table and puts her bags down.

Dei: 'I just love Daddy. Tell the old chap you’re bringing a couple of peers from your journalist class here to write an article and I get his bayside boathouse for an entire week. Speaking of, I need to give him a call.'

Selena: 'What are we “writing” about? The increase in underage drinking?'

Dei turns to see Ryan walking awkwardly around, looking at everything, dragging his bags close to the ground. And what’s most stinging, he’s wearing his shoes!

Dei: 'Hey, Ry! I’m going to have to ask you to remove your shoes when you’re inside. Wouldn’t want to scratch the floor.'

Ryan nods, slightly uncomfortable. Selena sees this. Ryan slips his sneakers off and pushes them into his bag.

Selena: (to Ryan) 'Let’s go check our rooms!'

The twosome darts out of there, with all their bags in hand.

Dei: (calls) 'Don’t break anything!'


The two walk into a cozy looking guest room. Two beds, two night stands and a closet. Nothing too big. They put their bags down. Selena opens the window. A nice view of the beach not too far off.

Ryan: 'What did we get ourselves into?'

Selena: (excited) 'I know right?!'

Ryan: (mimicking) “Wouldn’t want to scratch the floor.” (normal voice) 'I can tolerate her on campus but my gosh, Sel, she’s starting to scare me. I think she hates me.'

Selena: 'Don’t be hard on her. You made a mess in her car. It’s understandable.'

Ryan: 'Really, poor her? It’s understandable? I drop a bag of chips on the floor and she goes all 90210 on me.'

Selena giggles and kisses him on the forehead.

Selena: 'all 90210?'

She walks out of the room, a digital camera in hand.

Ryan: (calls) 'Where are you going?'


The Saturday's music blasts from the vehicle.

The car is on the move and everyone is in a much happier mood. Eamonn merges right and joins a line of cars heading off the highway. A sign up ahead reads “Torrance Bay 5 Miles”

Eamonn: 'Almost there!'

Daniel: 'Good! I need to get out and stretch. No leg room back here.'

Linda pushes her head out the window. She beams at the big, green sign as the car slowly rolls past. Gridlock traffic not too far ahead.

Linda: 'This calls for celebration!'

Linda takes a big gulp from her drink and then pulls out a bag of cosmetics from her suitcase, pulling out a small vial of Chanel lip gloss she quickly applies it to her dry lips and puckers up, Daniel smiles at her and watches as she crunches her blonde hair in her hands.

The friends keep heading into town, Aislin waves a fan at herself and Linda keeps preening

Daniel pokes his head out the window. He can see some of the first buildings of the shore town.

Eamonn: (shouting) 'Torrance Bay, here we come!' (to his friends) 'Once this traffic lets up, we’ll be at the house in no time. The GPS says seven more minutes.'

Linda pulls off her seatbelt, shifts in her seat and leans out the back window. She throws her arms out wide.

Linda: (screaming) 'Spring Break ‘11. No regrets!'

Other rambunctious teens and young adults yell back the same line. Linda shakes her upper body slightly before she laughs and falls back into the car.

Daniel: (laughing) 'You're wild.'


-- More and more cars make their way into the town. Traffic’s on the move.

-- Local children sit at a curb staring at boozy, slutty co-eds. That will be them in eight years.

-- A girl with big boobs fills out a t-shirt which reads: “Spring Break Torrance Bay ’11: I was there”

-- An old lady, crossing the street holding her toy poodle under her arms, is almost hit by a SUV! The kids inside look at her, and each other, shocked. She flips them the bird and shouts 'COCK SUCKERS' before continuing on her way.


The traffic remains bumper to bumper even throughout the town. The music low, the windows almost all the way down. You can tell the kids are getting antsy. The beach is just in sight. Packed with young, hot college students. The sun is blazing down and the ocean looks refreshing and entertaining.

Linda eagerly eyes the “WELCOME TO SPRING BREAK TORRANCE BAY ’11” banner. She shifts in her seat, her legs sticking to the leather seats.

Linda: (impatient) 'How much longer?!'

Eamonn: 'Not much. Dei said the turn off was at 53rd street.'

Linda leans out the window and sees a street sign. They just passed 49th.

Linda: 'This is going to take forever with this fucking traffic.'

Aislin: 'Relax, babe. Take it all in. Why don’t you man-watch?'

Linda: 'Trust me, two steps ahead of you. I’ve already seen about four fine as hell guys!'

She smiles a bit sheepishly.

Aislin: 'By all means, don’t let us stop you.'

She turns to the window. Smiles widely.

Daniel: 'Two more streets!'


Selena ties the last string of her bikini top. It’s pink and fitted in all the right places. She turns to Ryan who’s finishing putting his things away.

Selena: 'What do you think? Is it acceptable? I don’t want to look like Snooki or a Jersey Shore whore.'

Ryan quickly eyes her.

Ryan: 'I’d be on it in a second….well, if I was into that.'

He awkwardly scratches the back of his head and turns back to empty his bag.

Selena: 'Aw, thanks, Ryan!'

Selena looks out the window and quickly spins around. She shields her eyes from the sun and peers down. Spots Eamonn and Melanie walking down the lengthy dock.

Selena: (cont’d, bubbly) 'Ah! They’re here! They’re here!'

She dashes past Ryan and out of the room.


Dei is arranging frozen hamburgers and hot dogs on a plate. She neatly places the burgers on top of one another as they come out of the freezer. A stack of six Solo cups sits next to plate. Selena goes racing by, almost knocking into Dei.

Dei: 'Hey! You’re going to break something!'

She calls out over her shoulder as she races out the door.

Selena: 'Everyone is here!'

Dei raises an eyebrow. She looks at her frozen food one last time, making sure everything is neatly arranged and still in perfect order. She calmly walks after Selena.


Music blares from outside on a boat tied to a dock close by.

Selena skids out the front door onto the wooden decking. Aislin leads the charge, closest to the houseboat. Selena squeals as she races toward her friend.

She leaps onto Aislin, embracing her in a big, old hug. Aislin can’t hug back as she stumbles with bags in both hands.

Aislin: 'Nice to see you too, babe!'

Linda: (O.S.) 'Where’s my epic greeting? '

Selena lets go of Aislin and she turns to Linda. Simultaneously, they both start jumping up and down. Squealing, laughing, shouting all in one jubilant noise. They grab each other’s arms and spin around in circles while still jumping.

Everyone’s faces are bright and lively.

Eamonn and Daniel approach, holding more bags than the girls.

Dei comes out of the house with Ryan a few steps behind.

Dei stops as she eyes all her friends meeting up with Selena up ahead. She throws her arms open.

Dei: 'Welcome to my humble abode, everyone.'

Daniel gives Selena a quick hug and heads over to Dei and Ryan. Daniel drops all his bags as Ryan holds out his hand.

Daniel: 'What, no hug?'

Ryan: 'It’s only been a day since we last saw each other. I don’t want rumors to start man.'

Daniel: 'Screw it!'

Daniel grabs Ryan’s hands and pulls him into a hug. They pat each other on the back than separate, laughing.

Daniel: (cont’d) 'That wasn’t so bad, was it?'

Ryan, still chuckling slightly, brushes his hand through his hair and looks at Daniel.

Ryan: 'As long as you don’t hug me again within the next fortnight.'

Daniel gives Ryan a friendly knuckle punch. Then, Dei cuts in and turns her eyes to Daniel’s bags.

Dei: (cont’d) 'Ryan, Why don’t you take those inside for Dan? I'll fire up the surprise.'

Daniel: 'Surprise?'

Ryan gathers up Dan’s things and heads inside. Eamonn turns to Ryan.

Eamonn: 'Hey, Ryan, right?'

Ryan: 'Yeah.' 

Eamonn: 'You’re on the football team. I’m surprised we haven’t really hung out before since you’re pretty good friends with Selena.'

Ryan: 'I guess we just never ran into each other.'

Eamonn: 'Must be it. '

Selena comes sprinting over, leading Linda and Aislin by the hand.

Selena: 'Ry, come with! We got to show them the friggin’ houseboat! (to the girls, excited) You guys are going to love it. The view is spectacular, the rooms are awesome, oh my god, I can’t even explain it all. Follow me,  follow me!'

Selena hurries inside dragging the other girls behind her.

Ryan: 'That’s my cue.' 

Ryan gives Daniel and Eamonn a bit of an awkward smile before disappearing inside. Eamonn walks up next to Daniel, trudging with almost all the luggage in tow.

Eamonn: 'Ryan, huh?'

Daniel: 'Yeah. He’s close with Sel and Dei said it was fine if he came. You’re friends with him, aren’t you? '

Eamonn shrugs.

Eamonn: 'I think so. Not that it matters. He seems like a good guy.'

Daniel picks up a handful of bags.

Daniel: (continued) 'I want to check out the scene inside. Let’s go.'

Eamonn: 'Be there in a second.'

Daniel vanishes through the threshold into the boathouse. Eamonn strides to the end of the dock a few feet away. There’s a great view of the bay in front of him and the beach is in sight in the distance. He stretches, feeling the bright sunlight beating down on him.

Eamonn: 'Spring Break ’11, here we come.'



Ryan is alone in the room, lying on the bed enjoying the peace and quiet as he closes his eyes relaxing -- when a knock! on the door startles him and he sits up.

Selena peeks in.

Selena: 'I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?'

Ryan: 'No, I just dozed off a minute.'

Selena: (smiles) 'Food’s almost ready. Get up, ya sexy bitch.'

She closes the door. Ryan groans as his body falls back down onto the bed.


Ryan walks in to see Dei and Eamonn barbecuing outside, behind the glass door. In the middle of the living room, dancing on top of a coffee table, are Linda and Selena, beer in hand. They’re singing along to the music and they’re well on their way to being drunk.

Music played loudly in the living room.

Linda: (singing) 'You're the one who makes me happy honey, you're the sun who makes me shine when you're around I'm always laughing, I want to make you mine...'

Aislin and Daniel watch, unsure how to react.

Linda & Selena: (singing) 'I don't want anybody else when I think about you I touch myself, I don't want anybody else oh no, oh no, oh no'

Eamonn and Daniel both laugh loudly.

Selena: (singing) 'I want you, I don't want anybody else and when I think about you I touch myself
Ooh, oooh, oooooh, aaaaaah...'

Linda puts the bottle of beer to her lips and tips it back, taking a big gulp. Aislin finds it awkward but a smile creeps on her face. The two coffee table girls start dancing; Linda’s hands are on Selena’s hips, rocking them.

Linda: (still singing) 'I don't want anybody else when I think about you I touch myself, I don't want anybody else oh no, oh no, oh no'

Aislin turns to the guys.

Aislin: 'You didn’t happen to slip anything into their drinks, did you?'

Daniel: 'Nope, that’s all them.'

The glass door opens and Dei steps in, wearing an apron, with a picture of a cupcake on it. She holds a plate of hamburgers and hotdogs. All attention on her.

Aislin: 'You didn’t!'

Dei: (smiles) 'Bon appeti...'

Her eyes trail off and she sees the girls dancing on the coffee table. Her smile instantly fades. Buzz kill.

Linda: (quick) 'Don’t worry! I’ll dust it off later.'

Daniel: (also quick) 'Shall we eat on the deck?'

Dei sighs and takes a deep breath, she was pissed but did not want to spoil the evening any further.

Dei: (nods) 'Yes, I guess so. Let’s eat before the food goes cold.'

Eamonn: 'Look at you, little waitress.'

The group scatters out on the deck, welcome by a cool gush of ocean air. Linda turns around, sees her beer on the coffee table. She snatches it! and joins her friends out on the deck, she stumbles and reaches for a hot dog and bites into it, she bites down hastily and begins to chew, she had not realized the food was still burning hot, she spits it out quickly into the water over the decking and takes a drink from her beer, but it only contained a small few dregs, Selena laughed as Linda dashes inside to the kitchen and runs the cold water, she swings open cupboard trying to find a glass but it's in vain, she holds her blonde, slighly wavy hair back and pushes her head to the fawcett, she slurrps water and feels the burning subside, she gulped slowly and calmed down -- suddenly Linda looked up and out of the large kitchen window before her, looking back was a masked figure, their mask glistended in the moonlight, Linda screamed loudly and fell backwards into the kitchen table, spilling sauce and condiments all over the floor

Daniel, Dei and Eamonn and ran to see what the scream was for, Aislin held Selena back as they both looked on in shock.

Daniel: 'Linds, what the fuck--'

Linda was cowering on the floor by the refridgerator, shaking like a leaf, Daniel pulled her close to his warm body and brushed her hair to try and clam her, Eamonn and Dei watched as tears streamed down Linda's made up cheeks, her make-up was smudged and running down her face, Aislin and Selena slowly walked into the kitchen and saw their friends huddled around Linda.

Selena: 'What happened?'

Daniel held onto Linda, she was still sobbing as he helped her to her feet, Dei looked at the mess but ignored it, screw the mess, was her friend okay? Daniel slowly walked Linda out of the room and towards the stairs, he walked by Dei and whispered.

Daniel: (softly) 'I'm going to put her to bed.'

Aislin quickly rushed to help Daniel as the ascended the stairs with Linda.

Suddenly Ryan walked out of the downstairs bathroom and looked at the floor.

Ryan: 'What's going on?'

Friday, 27 May 2011


'it's going to be a KILLER vacation'

Seven young college friends travel to Torrance Bay, New Mexico for spring break. They engage in an alcohol-fueled whirlpool of a party in the town’s harbor with some five-thousand other revelers. It’s a never-ending carousel of sex, sea and beer. The friends later realize that behind the crowd, someone is watching and waiting. Stalking and shadowing them. As the party races through the week, they find themselves right in the middle of the mysterious killer’s deadly game. Spring Break 2011! No regrets…


Elite-Girl as Linda
Ruubin as Selena
SaltyDan as Daniel
AislinVictory as Aislin
FashionMan. as Eamonn
To_Royal as Dei
mebeRy as Ryan



Bird’s eye view of the New Mexico shore town, Torrance Bay. People everywhere. Streets and parking lots packed with cars. Water splashing, waves rolling. Partying, cheering, music. It's obvious it's spring break.

We speed through the town, everywhere the same, packed with kids.



Stuck in miles of traffic. Windows rolled down, music blasting.

Eamonn (FashionMan.) drives. Linda (Elite-Girl), Aislin (AislinVictory) and Daniel (SaltyDan) hang across the seats. Talking, laughing, absorbing the atmosphere. Linda takes a sip from a can of red bull and leans out the window.

Linda (shouting): 'Spring Break ‘11! No regrets!'

A bunch of other college students yell it back twice as loud.

A sign up ahead reads “Torrance Bay: 5 Miles”



Homely, two story wooden boathouse right by the water. Dei (To_Royal) unlocks the front door and heads inside.

Dei: 'Home sweet home...In a way.'

Ryan (mebeRy) and Selena (Ruubin) follow her inside, bags in tow. They take a look around the idelic home they will share for the following weeks and they smile happily.

Selena: 'Now to wait for the others.'



Our group of seven walks down the crowded city sidewalk. Bikini babes and shirtless buffs everywhere. Booze and more booze no matter where you turn. An atmosphere to die for.

Aislin lays out a towel on the sand. She sits down and stretches out, feeling the warm sun on her skin. She tips her big, beach hat forward to shade her face.

Daniel body surfs on a wave.

Ryan belly flops into a pool, splashing everyone nearby.

Selena giggles as Eamonn swims under her and lifts her out of the water on his shoulders.

Dei sets down her bags in her uncle’s room of the boathouse. She cracks open a window, smiles widely and looks out over the water below.

Linda approaches a group of people huddle around a keg, her skin damp and glistening with moisture.

Daniel, Ryan and Eamonn all take a shot at the nightclub bar.

Aislin, Selena, Dei and Linda dance passionately in the crowd. Lights flash and music pulses.

The group lounges around in the family room of the boathouse, casually drinking and having a great time.

Linda flips over a picture of the group and begins to write on the back,“memories”



Aislin. Alone. Not a single light to be seen except for faint moonlight coming in through the windows. Not a single sound except for the gentle lapping of the waves against the dock. Then suddenly a loud tapping noise...

Aislin: 'Hello?'

A shadow quickly cuts across the room behind her. she whirls around.

Aislin: 'Who’s there?'

Aislin quickly steps to where she thought she saw something. Gazes around.

The shadow pounces on her!

We smash to black. Hear multiple voices yelling. Things breaking.



Aislin squeezes her way up through a skylight window. A masked figure hot on her heels.

Linda races across the roof of the boathouse before flinging herself off into the water below. She plunges into the water, cutting off her loud scream.

Daniel sprints across the dock until he reaches the end. He looks up and sees Dei casually jogging down the beach in the distance. Someone chases after her.

Daniel: 'Dei! Behind you!'

Eamonn gets hurled forward into a mirror, breaking it with his face. Glass shards spread everywhere.

Daniel wrestles with someone on a boat deck.

An unknown person darts up a spiral staircase in a deserted nightclub.

Selena backs into a corner with tears rolling down her cheeks and clutching a harpoon gun close to her.

Dei ducks as a spiked object soars toward her and sticks into the wall.

Ryan floats on an air bed in the water. A boat up ahead turns around and speeds right back toward him. He shouts loudly as the boat races toward him.

The killer, wielding a machette and dressed in black clothes and a silver mardi-gras mask, charges towards the camera.

We crash to black as he closes in.




Linda is stuck in the water, her breath coming in jagged and sharp. A boot comes stomping down. Linda kicks and splashes as she's unable to reach for the dock and pull herself up.

A spear swings at her face! Linda lets an icy scream as the tip misses her by inches.


VOICE: (O.S.; echo) Spring Break 2011. No regrets...