Wednesday, 1 June 2011



The group sits by a garden table, eating. cereals, toast and juice are laid out in front of them.

Ryan grabs his half-eaten pop tart and takes a bite. Dei takes a sip of cold orange juice and stares timidly at Selena, she cranes her head, and looks across the water. It’s got plenty of co-eds on boats, bikini clad girls water skiing and shirtless dudes tossing others into the water, and some students in inner-tubes. Selena’s bleach blonde hair blows in the wind, and she turns and smiles at her friends.

Ryan: (to Selena) 'And to think you wanted to go to Florida for spring break!'

Selena: 'I know, this place is beautiful.'

Selena looks back across the water, it really was beautiful, bright blue skies and clear crisp water.

Aislin: 'Guys, are we going to talk about last night?'

Dei: 'She was drunk, she saw a shadow and she freaked.'

Ryan sits back and watches the others talk, he doesn't know Linda well enough to cut in, he slowly sips coffee from a round mug and looks across the decking into the bustling boats carrying his fellow party goers, their jubilation is obvious by their dancing and splashing around, he wished he was there rather than here discussing something he thought of as trivial.

Eamonn: 'Yeah, seriously she probably saw her reflection or something, right?' 

Selena threw a bagel at Eamonn and frowned.

Eamonn: 'No, dude, I mean she just saw a quick flash of herself and freaked, you know I'm not being a dick about this, c'mon. '

Aislin: 'I guess. It's just she seemed really freaked...'

The entire group quiets down, the thumping music track of a close by boat filled with happy, dancing friends sailed by.

Aislin: (cont’d) 'But yeah, when you're as drunk as that you see all sorts of shit.' 

Dei and Selena looked back at the house and saw Daniel emerge clutching a bottle of water in one hand and pulling Linda behind him, she still looked a little sheepish but spirited, she had a long summer dress which was pulled in at the waist by a sandy brown belt and her hair braided and sat on her shoulder.

Dei: 'Babe, you look great!'

Linda smiled as Daniel pulled out a chair and she sat down, she felt a little stupid after last night.

Ryan: 'Guys, we gotta get out there and have some fucking fun!'

Linda: 'Well, I’ve kind of started regretting drinking before noon.'

She gives herself a face palm, chuckles awkwardly. Aislin laughs and leans over and hugs her friend.

The group pulls back, laughing, smiling, drinking. It’s a Kodak moment.



Aislin, is dressed to leave, with Gucci sunglasses and a big bag. She grabs her phone by the counter, where Dei stands, drinking a glass of water.

Aislin: 'You’re sure you don’t want to hit town with us?'

Dei: (shakes head) 'Sorry. I need to keep an eye on the boat that rocked. You know what Linda is like, that chick can do some serious damage.'

Aislin forces a smile, a little disappointed.

Aislin: 'Well, maybe next time?' 

A hand grabs hers shoulder. She’s startled. Looks back to see Selena.

Selena: (excited) 'Are we ready?' 

Aislin nods.



Linda stands by the railing, looking down into the water beneath her.

Linda: 'I’ve been dying to get wet all week.'

Ryan, behind her, raises an eyebrow and chuckles to himself.

suddenly Linda leaps off the deck!


-- SPLASH! As Linda‘s body hits the water. Her head sticks out, yelling in joy.

-- Ryan belly flops into the water with Linda, feeling free, splashing water over Linda.

-- The two play in the water, laughing.

-- Selena, ready to leave, moves her head to the railing, looking over at Linda. Ryan charges from behind, grabbing her by the torso. Selena screams as Ryan jumps with her into the water!

-- Selena is shocked and angry, splashing water over Ryan! She swims over to him and pushes his head underwater. Linda high-fives her.

-- Daniel runs to the railing, laughing.

-- Selena crawls up a ladder, soaking wet. She runs towards Aislin, trying to hug her, but she backs away, trying to keep dry.

-- Ryan and Linda play in the water and splash around.

-- They run on the deck, where Dei is standing, grab her by the legs, and one, two, three, swing her into the water!

-- Dei charges at them in the water, breathlessly shouts: “You’re dead!”

-- Linda hugs her tightly in the water. Dei pulls back, laughing.

-- Linda lies in an inner-tube, cocktail in hand, lying in the water. She sports sunglasses, relaxing. Dei swims leisurely in the distance.



Eamonn, Selena, Daniel, and Aislin make their way through the crowded streets. Dressed and ready to hit the beach. Eamonn sports bathing trunks and a tacky button up tropical shirt. Selena has nothing on but her bikini. Daniel has aqua blue board shorts and a perfectly matching t-shirt.

Aislin has the beach girl look down to a tee, with a classy bikini top, a flowing skirt and a big, straw beach hat.

Selena skips ahead of the group, clearly eager.

Selena: 'Where’s the beach?'

Eamonn: (laughing) 'Calm down Snooki, it should be right past this block.'

Aislin jumps up toward Selena and links arms with her.

Aislin: 'I can’t wait to soak in the sun.'

Selena: 'And see all the hot guys with their shirts off!' 

They carry on towards the beach smiling.



Aislin leads the pack, already rolling out her towel.

Aislin: 'Now this is more my style.'

Selena scopes around for guys.

Aislin: 'Selena!'

She shrugs.

Selena: 'What can I say?'

Eamonn: 'I’m gonna go straight down to the water. Anyone care to join?'

A beat. No one answers.

Eamonn: 'Dan? Girls?'

Aislin: 'I’m going to get my bronze on for a little. Maybe later.'

Selena: 'I’m going to get a drink and check out the beach bar.'

Eamonn looks to Dan.

Eamonn: 'Dan?'

Daniel: 'I’m with Aislin, gonna sun worship for a while.'

Eamonn: 'Suit yourself.'

Eamonn rips off his button up shirt and tosses it onto Aislin’s towel. He runs down to the water by himself. as Aislin and Daniel watch him go.

Selena: 'He’s too cute.'

Aislin nudges her friend.

Daniel flops onto his towel, feeling the warm sand between his toes. Aislin applies hefty amounts of suntan lotion before lying out and tipping her hat over her face. Selena stretches backwards and lets out a content sigh. The sun beats down. The day couldn’t be any more perfect.

An unknown amount of time goes by as the three drift into a warm slumber.

Suddenly, a volleyball crashes into the sand by Aislin’s head. She jolts awake, brushing sand off her face. A male college student hurries over.

Beach Guy: 'Sorry about that! Ball, please?'

Aislin stands and spins the ball in her hands. Glances over at the makeshift court in the sand.

Aislin: 'Mind if we join?'

Beach Guy: 'No! The more, the better!'

A loud grin cracks across Aislin’s face.

The friendly guy went over to the stereo laying on the sand and turned the volume up higher.

Aislin: (loud, building excitement) 'Dan! Sel! Get your asses up! It’s game time!'

She dashes away, calling out to Eamonn at the water’s edge as she goes. Daniel and Selena slowly wake up and see Aislin running over to the volleyball game.

Selena: 'Oh, boys!'

Daniel: 'Oh, sports!'

They jump up and grab each other’s hands, racing toward the game and kicking up sand.


-- Aislin serves the ball with precision and power. Score!

-- Daniel dives for the ball, sliding into the sand and missing completely

-- Eamonn jumps toward the net and spikes the ball

-- Selena and a boy run straight into each other as they go for an oncoming ball

-- Aislin points at Eamonn and then mouths “You guys are going down”

-- Selena traces a finger on the chest of her male teammate. Oblivious to a ball that falls into the sand behind her.

-- Daniel wipes off sweat from his forehead

-- Eamonn chases a ball that went astray into the ocean. He pounces on it, falling into a wave

-- Aislin high-fives Daniel. Winners!



The group of four is just leaving the beach, dripping wet from a refreshing dip in the water. The air is filled with the smell of sea salt, food and pheromones. They make their way across the boardwalk and down the first exit back onto the streets of Torrance Bay, it's less crowded here and the foursome lazily walk and talk.

Eamonn: 'It’s almost dinner time, I think Ryan is cooking something tonight.'

Aislin: 'So we got to head back?'

Daniel: 'Yeah. I think we could all use a power nap.'

They chuckle. True, they were tired but very content and feeling great. Today had been fun, although they had missed Dei, Ryan and Linda. Selena pauses without warning and gasped loudly.

Daniel: 'What’s up?'

She points, the excitement bursting across her face.

Selena: 'I think I just found tonight’s plans!'

She points. Her friends look in the direction to reveal Pulse. The best nightclub in town.


Linda climbs up the ladder and out of the water, wet and gorgeous. She gets up on deck and swings her wet hair, she grabs a can of soda and drinks deep.

Selena: (OS) 'We’re back!'

Linda climbs on top on the metallic railing. With nothing to hold onto, she stands there, taking in the scenery. Boats and other swimming coeds around. One last opportunity. The sun is low to the horizon, splattering the sky with a dull orange color.

Chris Brown plays back in the house.

Without thinking, Linda dives back into the water!


Like a mermaid, Linda lunges for the bottom of the lake. It’s beautiful. A setting sun casts a vivid array of colors through the bubbles.

She scissors in the water, holding her breath, going further down into the abyss. Everything darkens but remains beautifully painted.

Finally, she reaches the bottom of the setting. she presses her hands in the sand, she’s upside down. Stays that way for a few seconds as her fingers run past the sand. Sea shells, stones, a bottles and some beer cans lie there like lost treasures.

Her breath escapes and her body goes back up, slowly emerging on the surface.


Linda‘s head pops out of the water, followed by the rest of her body, gasping for breath. Water droplets glisten on her and fall down her head and back into the lake.

IN TOWN -- it’s now evening. Bright lights everywhere, both from windows, clubs and street lights. Torrance Bay has really come alive.

Linda takes in the horizon as she stays in the water, completely alone.


Aislin, Selena and Dei are inside. The girls are all in sexy club wear, Daniel walks in more casually dressed in a T-shirt and skinny jeans. Selena and Daniel sit on the bed, drinking mixed drinks, as Dei puts on make up by the humungous mirror.

Linda, in her underwear, emerges from the closet, runs across the room, finding separate pieces of clothing. Aislin raises an eyebrow.

Aislin: 'So you’re not just going to be sporting a lace and panties? There’s more, right?'

Linda then pulls on a skin tight dress. slips some lip gloss on her lips and picks up her purse. She’s ready.

Aislin: (cont’d) 'Let us get this clear, if anyone hooks up tonight, lock the doors and warn roommates. We don’t want it to be awkward, do we?'

Selena: 'Know who I’m not hooking up with? Eamonn!'

She shrugs and sips on her drink.

Linda: 'Eamonn!?'

At this, the door is forcefully yanked open and in waltzes Eamonn, armed with a bottle of flavored Vodka, followed by Ryan.

Eamonn: 'It’s time, ladies.'

He spots Daniel.

Eamonn: (continued) 'And gentleman.'

Ryan: 'Let’s go!'

The girls jump up, anticipation in the air!



Our sexy group of seven struts down the street. Things are more alive than ever, even as the clock approaches 11pm. Bright lights, laughter, music. The permanent residents of Torrance Bay must hate this time of the year.  Linda skips to the front of the group.

She finishes off the last of her mixed drink and chucks the plastic cup aside. Daniel hurries up to her and throws an arm around her.

Daniel: 'Lind, are you trying to get arrested before we even make it to the club?' 

Linda: 'Of course not! I came to party!'

Eamonn: (calling out) 'Public intoxication and littering. Someone’s a bad girl.'

Linda wrestles free of Daniel and rushes ahead.

Behind these two, in the rest of the group, Eamonn raises an eyebrow at Selena. She notices and he winks. Selena and Aislin make eye contact. Burst out laughing. Eamonn’s face drops.

Eamonn: 'What’d I do?'

Daniel: 'Don’t worry about it, bro' 

The atmosphere in the group is very fun and light-hearted. Everyone is excited. Laughing and drinking. Noises grow louder as the group comes closer and closer to the club. There’s definitely a crowd there tonight. The music is blasting and there is a buzz in the air.

Dei: 'Just around this corner…'

Ryan leads the group as they turn at the end of the block. Just up ahead, the purple and red neon sign of Pulse burns through the night like a flare. Linda and Selena cheer loudly. Aislin claps. Daniel takes a large gulp from his drink.

There’s a line at the door but nothing too long. The seven hurry over to get their spot.

After a few minutes of waiting, they reach the bouncer. IDs at hand, everyone gets checked and heads for the club doors. Daniel is the first one to the door and he pushes it open.


Bring the Noise by Benny Benassi ft. Public Enemy blasts from inside the club. Strobe lights blind party goers as people jump up and down everywhere. The purple and red color scheme throughout enhances the flashing strobes. The rest of the group catches up. Daniel accidentally brushes against Linda as they head through the entrance. She turns with a flirtatious smile.

Linda grabs his hand.

Linda: 'Let’s dance!'

She leads Daniel onto the dance floor. Eamonn and Ryan head straight for the bar while Dei, Selena and Aislin go to the dance floor.

At the bar Eamonn and Ryan squeeze themselves into two open seats at the crowded bar. The bartender approaches them.

Bartender: 'What’ll it be?'

Eamonn: 'Two shots of the best you have.' 

Ryan: 'Make it four.'

The bartender nods and walks away.

Eamonn: 'Four?'

Ryan: 'Gotta go big or go home, right? Besides, we came to get drunk.'

Eamonn shrugs.

Eamonn: 'Four it is. Don’t get too sloppy, my friend.' 

Ryan: 'You know I’ll be fine. I think it’s them we have to worry about.' 

The two turn to their friends out on the dance floor. It’s hard to spot them at first. Daniel and Linda are dancing passionately together, hands roaming. Dei, Selena and Aislin are in the middle of a grind line.

Ryan: (continuing) 'How are you and Aislin by the way?'

Eamonn: 'Me and Ais?'

The shots are served.

Ryan: 'Yes, you and Aislin. Who else?'

Eamonn shrugs again. He downs one of the shots with ease. Wipes his lips.

Eamonn: 'Pretty well. I like her.' 

Ryan: 'Like?'

Ryan takes a shot as well. He immediately picks up the second one.

Ryan: 'Cheers.'

Eamonn: Have anything in mind?

Ryan: Friends. Family. Fun. Spring break. Any excuse to drink, really.

Eamonn: Works for me.

They clink the small glasses together. Some liquor sloshes over the rim. Tilting their heads back, they pound down the shots. They slam the glasses back down onto the bar.

Ryan: Whooo!

Ryan flags down the bartender.

Ryan: Round two, please.

Eamonn: (grinning) 'I’m liking this place already.' 

The song switches to Cascada.



Ryan and Eamon are now accompanied by Daniel. Three shots lined in front of them.

The four guys aim for the shots, bring them to their lips and swallow! Eamonn slams his hand on the counter first. The guys high five, cheering.

Daniel: 'Hell yeah!'

A swiveling spotlight blinds and when it passes, we find ourselves focusing on…

Selena, Aislin, Dei and Linda who are dancing. Hot and heavy, the center of attention. Linda and Selena dance drunkenly and sexily, while Aislin and Dei are more sober. Their bodies grind at each other. Selena twirls Linda who wanders into the crowd. There are literally over 1,000 people inside. It’s packed.

Dei and Aislin dance intently, Dei closes her eyes and their arms go up in the air. Then at each others’ waists.


The two girls strut to the bar. Linda clicks her fingers, catching the bartender’s attention.

Linda: 'Two Mojito’s for me and my lady friend, pronto!' 

The bartenders take their orders and Linda slips him a $20.

Ryan walks into Selena and Linda, he smiles as they drunkenly tries to balance at the bar.

Ryan: 'Linds, how many fingers am I holding?'

Ryan holds up three fingers.

Linda: 'Two! I’m drunk, not stupid.' (beat) 'Yay, drinks!'

The bartender passes her the two Mojito’s. Aislin and Linda take them and drink. Well, Linda practically chugs hers.

Ryan: 'I’m happy I came here. to Torrance Bay with you guys!' 

Linda: 'I love it!'

Aislin: 'Awww babes, Ryan you are so sweet!'

She hugs Ryan. He chuckles, blushing. Linda turns to Aislin and smiles and walks into the crowds of people.


Linda, bottle in hand, scatters outside where there’s quite a few people. A couple is making out in the water beneath, while a few of their buddies watch, chanting and take pictures.

Linda spots Selena, drunkenly texting on her phone.

Linda: 'Selena!'

She looks further down the dock to see Ryan and Eamonn talking to each other, walking down the dock. Ryan has a beer bottle in hand. They pass a group of drunken girls.

Ryan: 'I hear you’re like the big brother of the group or something?'

Eamonn: 'Yeah?'

Ryan: 'Yeah. you seem like the most down to earth guy.'

Eamonn: (chuckles) 'That’s one way to put it.' (beat) 'So, I’m glad you came with us, Ryan. You’re a nice guy, I don't know how we don't know each other.'

Ryan: 'Really?' (happily) 'I feel like I’m almost a burden.'

Eamonn: 'No, no. I mean, it may have been a bit awkward at first because we are all pretty close. I know the others are glad you’re here too.'

Ryan: 'Seriously?'

Eamonn: 'Yes. I promise you.'

Ryan: 'Thanks. It’s nice to have someone to talk to. You know, that isn’t Sel.'

Eamonn: (nods) 'Anytime.'


Everyone has their hands in the air, dancing their asses off. Lights casting against their bodies. Shadows twirling, bumping and grinding. Daniel, Dei and Aislin keep in the crowd dancing and having a great time.


Eamonn leads Linda down the dock, their arms around each other. She moves drunkenly and kisses him on the cheek.

Linda: (drunkenly) 'Thanks for looking after me Eamonn, you are soooo lovely!'

He puts his finger on her lips, shushing her. They continue brushing past people.

Meanwhile Selena was wandering around outside holding her phone into the air, she could not get a signal and she kept bumping into people as she staggered around, her 9 inch heels were not helping at all but all she cared about was getting a signal, she wandered further away from the crowds, it was almost 4am and the streets were almost empty apart from outside the nightclub. Selena suddenly found herself on the floor, having  fallen over some trash bags in an alley, she held onto the wall and tried to steady herself. Unbeknown to her in the alley somebody in the darkness watched her, Selena got to her feet and realized she had dropped her phone, she dropped to her knees and rummaged amongst the bags in search of her phone.

The person in the shadow grew ever closer to her...


  1. :O Selena, you better watch out.

    Also, Ryan, you should check out some of the character names ^^ Some parts you call you and Eamonn "Riley" and "Jesse" and call Selena "Natalie" one.

  2. Selena, noo! :)

    That was yet again amazing!

  3. OMG :O PLEASE DON'T KILL ME OFF :O Haha, but anyways, this is getting better and better, I love how you describe our clothes and everything, I think I wet myself alittle when you mentioned my 9 inch heels! It's so me! Always wearing not-so practical shoes xD It's almost like you know me in real life :D KEEP IT UP DUDE, I LOVE IT :D

  4. Thanks guys, I am writing part 3 now.

    Thanks Dei, for the heads up, Jesse, Natalie and Riley are from another story of mine, I added them in by accident.